The 5 Longest Flights in the World

The 5 Longest Flights in the World

The 5 Longest Flights in the World

There are many long flights that are carried out all over the world, every day because sometimes it is necessary to carry them out without stops so that they are carried out during the shortest possible time. It seems a contradiction, but it is real since on many occasions it is better not to land at intermediate airports, in order to arrive as quickly as possible to the final destination.

 These are the three longest flights in the world

1. Panama City – Dubai

Panama City - Dubai

The surprising distance traveled by this flight is 13,821 kilometers, which is equivalent to traveling, from end to end, to Chile three times. In terms of time, this strenuous trip lasts, nothing more and nothing less than 17 hours and 35 minutes, if there are no unforeseen events, such as having to make detours due to notices of very strong thunderstorms.

Air travel like this is also known as “ultra-long flights”, as they are called to flights that last more than 12 hours or, which is the same, half a day. The most usual thing is that these air travels are carried out in very wide fuselage aircraft, as is the case with the Boeing 777-200LR, the Airbus A340-500 and the well-known Airbus A380-800.

The same thing happens, of course, in the opposite direction, that is, Dubai-Panama City, which is a flight that is capable of transporting 256 people and, in terms of cargo, some 15 tons. In addition to huge and safe, these aircraft are quite comfortable for the most demanding passengers and have the necessary budget to disburse expenses.

2. Dallas – Sydney (Australia) 

Dallas-Sydney (Australia) 

This long trip is made by the airline of Australian origin, called “Qantas Airlines”. During the journey of this flight 13,804 kilometers are covered, while it has a strenuous duration of 16 hours and 35 minutes, provided there are no unforeseen events. It is expected that, during the next few years, other airlines will dedicate themselves to making such a tour.

3. Johannesburg (South Africa) – Atlanta

Johannesburg (South Africa) - Atlanta

This is an extensive route of 13,582 kilometers, as long as there are no unforeseen events. This flight takes place in 16 hours and 55 minutes or, which is almost the same, in 17 hours. Interestingly, this flight is longer than Dallas-Sidney, but it travels 200 kilometers less. The airline that currently carries out this long journey is the well-known “Delta”.

The other two longest flights that take place throughout the world

4. Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) – Los Angeles

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) - Los Angeles

Also called Abu Dhabi, it is qualified by many as the richest city in the world. Surrounded by the impressive blue waters of the Persian Gulf, this city is the starting point (or “takeoff”) of the flight made by the airline called “Etihad Airways”, which is the second most important in the Arab Emirates, then from the well-known “Emirates”. This flight travels 13,502 kilometers, during 16 hours and 30 minutes.

5. Dubai – Los Angeles

Dubai - Los Angeles

The rich oil countries of the Persian Gulf are still leading the list of the longest flights in the world. This time, we have one of the most extensive routes of “Emirates”, which transits 13,420 kilometers in 16 hours and 35 minutes. To be more specific, let’s say that this flight is carried out under the name “Emirates 215”, while it is done in a huge A380 aircraft that has all the comforts and luxuries.




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